7 reasons why no-deal Brexit is a left-wing movement

  • In simple terms: the EU single market = more capitalism.

The European Union is a customs union. This means that all member states have removed customs barriers (tariffs, levies, duties and embargoes) on all other member states. This is to ensure that, within this union, there are normal conditions of capitalist competition.

If a no-deal situation were to occur, the UK would leave this customs union and we would be forced to fall back on WTO rules. Every WTO member has a list of tariffs and quotas on certain goods that are applied to other member states. So, just as an example, under WTO rules, the tariffs on dairy products crossing from the EU to the UK would be 35% higher than they are now.

So, let me just spell that out for you in case you aren’t quite seeing it. Dairy that has been produced somewhere in Europe is put into a container and transported to the UK where it is then distributed, put into plastic packaging and then bought by us in the supermarket. Haven’t we all been realising that Dairy is bad for the environment anyway, without these added steps? Isn’t that why all the lefties are Vegan?

So, what will happen to the imported dairy? It will be approximately 35% more expensive and so British consumers will probably just say no. For those of you who are worried about milk prices, only 10% of British dairy is imported and most of that is from Ireland so don’t worry about it too much. And that leads me on to my next point.

  • No-deal Brexit, or any Brexit, will make Irish unification more likely.

Border disputes are some of the most complicated issues in global politics. Both World Wars were essentially border disputes and there are countless ongoing hostilities around the world with border disputes at the forefront of the issue. However, I would argue that there are certain places in the world where border disputes should simply not occur: islands.

Especially islands that have an extremely homogenous culture and, to some degree, people. There is literally nothing to the west of Ireland for miles and miles yet still, in recent memory, it was one of the most hotly contested borders on the global stage. It baffles me. The island of Ireland is one country, I will always believe that.

According to Dr. Paul Nolan, Catholics could outnumber Protestants in Northern Ireland by the year 2021. This would be a symbolic change in the relationship between North and South. However, Nolan argues that it is wrong to assume that every Catholic person in Northern Ireland would support a united Ireland. This may be true but what about those who are neither Catholic nor Protestant, those voters who will not vote based on allegiance but will instead vote on a different political motive. Indeed, they may see a united Ireland as a more viable possibility in a post-Brexit world.

  • New environmentally friendly trade deals that will occur in the future.

After the dust has settled after a No-deal Brexit, the UK will experience the biggest political upheaval it has experienced since the post-war era, when Labour took power for the first time. Trade is how modern nation states wage war, and Brexit is a trade war like no other. The aftermath of this war will be a drastic political upheaval and the opportunities are endless.

As Remainers like to mention, a large swathe of the people who voted for Brexit have now passed away and so their vote was for something that didn’t affect them. This will be even more true in 2020, or 2021 when future governments are negotiating trade deals. I have a vision of an environmentally conscious government negotiating trade deals if, and only if, they are sustainable and pay close attention to the way the deal will affect the environment.

A no-deal Brexit will be like a reset button where we, the dutiful British, struggle on through high prices for carbon-producing imports until we can form trade deals with countries that care about the environment as much as we do. Who knows what party could benefit from the chaos of a no-deal Brexit? Green Party *cough* *cough* *wink* *wink*

  • Greater and closer links with non-EU countries.

Immigration is going to continue after Brexit. This is a fact. As a nation, we simply cannot provide the services we have without immigration. This is a fact. After we leave the EU, we will be able to create a brand-new immigration system that will bring in skilled workers from across the world. This is a huge step in the direction of increased multiculturalism. As we all know, as it has been argued on AWR before, racism comes from ignorance. As soon as we have skilled and productive workers from across the world, we will begin to banish old and ignorant ideas some Britons have about people from other countries.

Furthermore, think of all the governments and businesses across the world who are desperate to trade with the UK. Lest we forget, the UK is the fifth largest economy in the world. Lest we forget, Britain is still seen as a stable and reliable place for investors to put their money. This only changes if we let it.

 As I mentioned earlier, in our negotiations with other countries around the world, we can press for sustainably sourced and responsibly produced goods and services. Therefore, spreading an environmentally conscious message.

  • The EU is not the harbinger of change that Remainers seem to think it is.

Before Brexit was a thing, before it became the only thing we ever heard about on the news, the EU came under sustained criticism for being a bureaucratic mess that had too many veto players in it to make significant changes to its structure and direction. This is still true.

The EU is a staunchly neoliberal body existing in a time when technology is making new things possible and when drastic and serious changes must be made to prevent the environment from being completely destroyed.

If there is one thing I learned from the tactics employed by Extinction Rebellion, it’s that the world needs just a tiny bit of chaos to shake up the status quo and herald a new environmentally conscious era. There is no room for drastic and revolutionary change inside the existing EU structure. It is an archaic body. The way I see it is, we in the UK are doing the rest of the world a favour by taking the brave leap of leaving a huge free market where goods are cheap and readily available and subjecting ourselves to a period of less capitalism where we can work towards a period of green capitalism.

  • A large portion of working-class immigrants want Brexit to happen.

It is simple economics. More immigrants in low-skilled jobs depresses wages. It’s the reason British workers have a reputation for being lazy. They used to do the dull and dirty and tiresome jobs but then labourers from other countries where the cost of living is a lot lower came in due to the free movement of people and undercut the British workers.

The process is ongoing. I spoke to several, mainly foreign, taxi drivers in a small, University town in the north of England and they said they voted for Brexit. There were so many taxi drivers in this small town that there were regularly long lines of them stacking up at the few taxi ranks. This depresses their earnings. After Brexit, fewer low-skilled immigrants will halt the depression of their earnings.

Low skilled immigration from Europe is bad for the existing working class in Britain, whether they be British or foreign. Call it populism if you like but they have a point.

  • Young people voted Remain because they like to travel and go on cheap holidays to Europe.

Who have I triggered? Over 70% of people aged between 18 and 24 voted Remain. (I think it is also important to note that voter turnout for this age group was only 64%.) When I get into arguments discussions with people my age about Brexit, I initially argue with a valiant champion of the working-class and the environment. But when these arguments are dismantled, it comes to light that the main reason young people want to stay in the EU is because they don’t want to deal with the faff and expense of being from a non-EU country when they want to travel.

You can veil this point with other reasonable arguments, but this is the crux of the matter. So, whilst the British working-class are voting because they don’t want their wages depressed any further. Young people are hiding behind flowery arguments because travel to European countries will be more difficult.

I bet loads of you have been triggered by this last one but if you don’t believe me just check out this article by In Facts, a page dedicated to the Remain movement. The article is titled ’11 Reasons Young People Should Vote Remain’. Literally, the first reason is ‘Freedom to work, travel, study (and eventually retire) in the EU.’

Don’t get me wrong, the reason above is a good reason to be a Remainer – a really good reason. However, it annoys me when Remainers act as the champion of the working class, citing the strength of the economy as a key reason for their position, when in many instances, working class communities actually voted for Brexit. Not everyone is fortunate enough to work, travel, study and retire in Europe even whilst Britain is in the EU. Next time you are having a Brexit argument, just accept that you are part of the educated, European elite and your stance on Brexit is directly influenced by that fact.

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  1. deth kon

    Nothing sane about this article. i see. tell us where did you get your degree? if you are an alumni you have to have graduated.


    1. alumniweeklyreview

      Thanks for your input deth kon. At AWR we love constructive debate and encourage disagreement. Brexit is a tricky issue, maybe you should write an article about why you think this one is insane?


      1. deth kon

        I want you to look up projection (political), and i want you to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe0gt1QiAi0 , a member of the EU parliament telling you EXACTLY what he and many EU bureaucrats think of member states. He’s now (illegally) politically campaigning while being a representative of the UK, HOW is that allowed to happen?

        Third your argument style, using a near formulaic structure to those on the left.
        X will negatively affect you (conjour emotion). X is a critical point in regard to brexit surrounding (economics/ trade/social fabric), Thus Brexit bad. Not the total economic picture, not some will go down (stocks) and types of trade will go up and some will go down. Negative emotion. WHY? The game they play is not of morals, logic, it is of emotion, a trick used by politicians through the ages to sell Bad ideas to normal people.

        Brexit is not: “get rid of those people who have come in” as explained in your taxi argument, we have no problem with the natural flow of immigration, what we do have a problem with is the lack of integration and the vilification of the culture and heritage. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCWXtIgIifg) , read the comments as well on this one.

        I am young working class, i know people like you, you think you know best, but you ALWAYS attempt quick fixes which make our lives worse overall, do us a favour: Hand us jobs, Not benefits. open MALE homeless shelters and keep charity work in the UK. Not overseas, HELP your own people first, before you give handouts.


      2. alumniweeklyreview

        Contrary to what you might believe, we actually agree with you. I think you may have misread sections of the article and also misread the general intention of it too.

        The person who submitted this article to AWR intended for it to juxtapose the dominant media narrative which is that the existing Tory government is the most right-wing government that has ever existed and No-deal Brexit is anathema to any left-wing ideals.

        The author intended to spin this narrative on its head by proposing certain opportunities that may arise from a No-deal exit that will promote the environmentally-conscious, more socially-minded agenda. We think the author is SUPPORTING Brexit, not attacking Brexit. If you read the penultimate reason listed in the article, it states that being part of the EU depresses wages for the British working-class and a No-deal Brexit could halt this process, hence why it is a left-wing movement.

        We apologise if any offense has been caused by this article but we are committed to remaining an open platform for all political creeds. We think if you read the article again, you will see that it is actually very much in line with your beliefs.



        Liked by 1 person

      3. deth kon

        Oh, sorry. but yeah. the media are insane. and don’t apologise. be strong about your ideas, how else do we test them, but pure darwinism?


      4. deth kon

        And the reason why i found it lacking sanity? this article attempts to achieve total political polarity, amongst all readers, what an american way of doing things, Your young working class, you vote X, Your middle class you vote Y and so on. but more recently and SIGNIFICANTLY more worryingly is the copying of the american methods, your BLACK you vote X, your MUSLIM you vote Y. OR correctly put in the lyrics of a song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjSpO2B6G4s “There’s battle lines being drawn ;Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong ;Young people speaking their minds ;Getting so much resistance from behind”.


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